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3 Reasons You Want A Chauffeur For Your Bachelorette Party


professional chauffeurYou're getting married soon, and you're having a bachelorette party soon. Awesome! (Or maybe you're the superhero maid of honor planning this for your bride best friend -- kudos.) Bachelorette parties aren't anything super unique on their own; after all, around 2.4 million weddings happen each year in the U.S., and many brides choose to have a bachelorette party of some kind. So how do you make yours special? Here are three reasons a professional chauffeur can make any bride's night more magical.

You Can Be Spontaneous

You're with your people. You're celebrating. You have an itinerary. But... now you want to go to your favorite park before the wine tour. And then you kind of want to stop by the club you all practically lived at a few years ago. And now you want to hit up this one cool bar for a couple more drinks. Etcetera, etcetera. On your big fun night, you never know if you'll actually follow all the plans you made. Who says you have to? If you have a professional chauffeur for the night, he or she is happy to accommodate changes of plans, all while you responsibly enjoy your favorite drinks and dance the night away.

You Want To Ride Together With All Your Crew

Okay, you're driving yourselves in however many separate cars you need. What if someone's tire pops or they get the wrong directions? Yeah, you probably don't want to think about it. Maybe you have a small group that can fit into the standard chauffeur car service, or maybe you have a huge gaggle of bridesmaids to ferry around. Whether hiring a single car or stretch limousine services, you'll keep your crew together and laughing the whole night instead of having to split up and navigate in separate cars.

You Want To Feel Like A Princess

Yes, this might be more silly and vain than practical. But aren't weddings about romance more than practicality? If you want to carry that 'princess' feeling with you before you even slip into your Big Day outfit, getting chauffeured around for a night is one way to feel totally royal.

Go on, be royal for a night. Be spontaneous. (And drive safely while you're at it!) Look for a suitable professional chauffeur service in your bachelorette party's area and you won't be disappointed.