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Reasons to Arrange for Transportation to Your Hotel Before Your Flight Even Takes Off


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Flights are long, airports are stressful, and travelling is tiring. Yet there is one simple thing you can do to feel a little less drained when you step off the plane. Arrange special airport transportation services to get you safely to your hotel for the night, or first event for the day.

This simple travel hack can take a lot of stress out of your travel day. Plus, it can free up time to...

You can indulge in a drink or two.

Want to enjoy a cocktail or beer during your flight but don't want to risk landing and being intoxicated when you need to drive out of the airport? First, good on you for being responsible and saying no to drunk driving, unlike the approximately 2,800 people who get arrested for it every day. Second, don't worry. If you've already arranged a car to pick you up, you can safely enjoy an airport drink guilt-free.

No need to worry about jet lag/late night drowsiness.

If you're taking a late flight or a trip across time zones, you may already know how crushing the drowsiness can be after a long or late flight. Stepping off an airplane and anticipating a drive while you are that exhausted is simply unpleasant.

You have a relaxing start to your trip.

You can actually sit back and enjoy the view outside of your car's window instead of stressing as you navigate unfamiliar streets. As an added bonus, a local driver or limo service is likely to be able to answer any pertinent questions or curiosities you have about the new area.

You won't get lost on the way to the hotel.

Speaking of stressful navigation, trying to find your way out of a busy airport and across an unfamiliar town to a hotel is not the way to peacefully start off a trip. It's much easier to get the lay of the land when you can observe someone else driving you around town.

If you're starting your trip with an event, arrive in style.

Are you travelling for business and want to make a great first impression? Nothing says style like pulling up to a highly anticipated work event via limo service. Keep it understated and classy, not prom-flashy.

The airport is difficult enough to deal with, whether you're travelling for business or pleasure. Make things easier on yourself -- look into airport transportation services (and go for the limousine service; you know you deserve it).