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Tips for Hosting a Classy Bachelor or Stag Party


limo serviceHave you ever been a part of a bachelor or stag party? You may have experienced something like the stereotypical "get drunk and crazy" kind of event. Many people enjoy those types of parties, but there are people who are looking for something a little more classy.

If you’re planning a bachelor or stag party but want to come up with something a bit out-of-the-ordinary, here are some tips.

Decide On An Activity

Come up with an activity that you know the future groom will enjoy. Now, this activity doesn’t have to involve going to a bar or nightclub. You can choose something that will get you and the rest of the men active. Renting jet skis, going skiing or snowboarding, or going golfing are great options. These activities will definitely unleash everyone’s competitive sides.

When choosing an activity, pick something that is safe and won't cause the groom to break his leg weeks before the wedding. Also, keep your guests' budgets in mind. You don't want your friends to have to skip the party because they aren't able to afford it.

Choose Transportation

Even if you're not planning on spending all night bar-hopping, it's a good idea to have a designated driver handy. While one of your friends could be the driver, bachelor and stag parties typically involve a lot of people. It's unlikely that 24 people can fit into your friend's Santa Fe. Consider hiring a limo service instead. Weddings, parties, and proms on weekends account for more than 40% of all limousine use. But bachelor parties definitely utilize them as well. Limo rentals are a great option as you'll have the guarantee of having someone drive you and the driver will be prompt. A limo service is your clean, stress-free option for a night of fun, regardless of what you may be doing. It can also be used as airport transportation if you have guests coming in from out of town.

Send Out Your Invitations

Invite all of the groomsmen, the groom's friends, and the male relatives whom the groom is close with for a successful bachelor or stag party. A few weeks before the event, send out the invitations that match the formality of the party. If the party isn't going to be super formal, feel free to call or email the guests instead of sending them an actual invitation. The information you give them should include a cost, a time, the activity you chose, and of course, the date.

Bachelor or stag parties don't have to involve spending all night out at bars. You can class it up a bit by taking the groom and his friends skiing, hiring limo services, and sending out formal invitations.