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Tips for Renting a Limo Service For a Bachelorette Party


limousine servicesLimousines are a key part of a bachelorette party. A limousine or party bus is the easiest way to get people from one point to another without having to worry about anyone driving under the influence.

People drive drunk more than 330,000 times every day in the United States, and to avoid this, a limo driver is key. If you want to plan a successful bachelorette party, you should follow a few tips for hiring a limo service. Here's what you need to know about doing so.

Save the Dates
Typically, save the dates are reserved for bridal showers or the wedding itself. But, what about sending out a save-the-date for a bachelorette party? Nowadays, everybody is so busy and it's hard to get everybody on the same page. By sending out save-the-date invitations well in advance, you can make sure that the specific date you're choosing works for everybody, which will help you ensure the ability to book the perfect limo rentals or party bus.

Inquire About a To-Do List
When speaking with a limousine rental company, ask them if they're able to accommodate your special needs. For example, you might request that the bus comes equipped with specific lighting or bottles of champagne. Ask the rental company if they make a to-do list to make sure that all of your accommodations are met. You also want to make sure if it's okay to bring whatever you want with you onto the bus or into the limo.

Convey a Schedule
When working with party buses or limousine services, it's important that the driver knows exactly where you want to go and when. Before the day of the bachelorette party, send your driver a detailed schedule with addresses, names, and times so they are sure to get you where you need to be when you plan to be there. It will be a lot easier to do things this way instead of telling the driver where to go during the party.

Bachelorette parties to be a lot of fun, and they can be even more fun when you have the right limousine services or party bus rental service.