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Unsaid Rules You Must Follow When Going Out for Drinks With Friends


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When going out for a night on the town with your friends, there are a few unsaid rules that you should follow. Here are a few of them.

Tip Your Bartender

Even if your bartender is doing something as simple as cracking a beer open, you should give them a few dollars. While you may think that using a bottle opener on a bottle isn't worth five dollars, they're still working and doing a service for you. So ALWAYS tip your bartender on every drink, or every other drink. Every dollar counts.

Hold Your Money Instead of Waving it Around

Some people believe that waving their money in the air to get the bartender's attention is the easiest way to call them over. Especially when the bar is packed full of people trying to get one person's attention. But ultimately, it can be extremely annoying to the bartender and they might not want to come over to you. To get your drink, simply pull your money or credit card out, lay it on the bar, and try to make eye contact with the person serving drinks. If you have a tab open, make eye contact and throw them a polite wave. They'll appreciate your patience and respect.

ALWAYS Have a Ride Home

There's nothing more important when going out with your friends. If you're going out to celebrate an engagement, a promotion, or an upcoming wedding, it may be hard to find someone in your group to drive everyone from bar to bar. People drive drunk more than 330,000 times every day in the United States. Since you shouldn't get behind the wheel after drinking, there is an alternative. To make things easier and to make sure everyone stays safe, hire a limo service. Limo rentals or limo services in San Jose ensure you a designated driver, the best routes to your locations, and suggestions of places to eat after you're done bar hopping.

So before you head out on the town with your friends, make sure you remember all of these unspoken rules. It will help make the night more enjoyable for everyone involved!